Completion of Wakeford Hall Phase I - library structure. Photo taken before the start of the next cohort group, 2018 (Photo by author)
Final design model 1:10 built prior construction phase, 2017 (Model by author)
Composite of iterative structural skeleton design development, 2017 (Drawings by author)
Dissasembled model iteration four of the structural skeleton, 2017 (Model and photo by author)
Final Jury at Architectural Association, Bedford Square, London (Photo by Zac Mollica)
1:1 Facade prototype to test fabrication design challenges, 2017 (Photo by author)
Jig to mass fabricate curved boards for facade, 2017 (Photo by author)
Test assembly of internal frame portal and structure leg to test bolting positions, 2017 (Photo by Veda Barath)
On campus KUKA robotic arm fixed with custom bandsaw for curved sculpting, 2017 (Photo by Aitor Almaraz)
Half of structure pre-assembled inside being moved to site, 2017 (Photo by Aitor Almaraz)
Aerial of final construction, 2018 (Photo by Veda Barath)
Projected project phases of future Design + Make cohorts, 2018 (Drawing by author)