Early concept perspective showing separation of private gardens with ground floor recovery access, 2016 (Rendering coordinated with Vrender)
Axon of proposed massing, 2016 (Drawing by author)
Diagram of building programs, 2016 (Drawing by author)
Users access diagram, 2016 (Drawing by author)
Floor plans showing separation of immediate homeless care programs and long-term transitional residence, 2016 (Drawing by author)
Plan of Boston, outlining the driver of a new homeless recovery centre, 2016 (Drawing by author)
Proposed new site to incorporate local aging recovery centres, 2016 (Drawing by author)
Program sizing determined from recent selective transitional / shelter projects, 2016 (Drawing by author)
Design concept brainstorm, 2016 (Drawing by author)
Early concept of central atrium as a security control point between short-term and long-term residents, 2016 (Rendering by author)
Early presentation self-render of dining shared by transition al residence and homeless in-take, 2016 (Rendering by author)